Do you have a Bank of India account? If you answered yes, you can be pleased with the features and services offered by BOI to their clients, including the ability to register for Internet banking online.

The Bank of India (BOI) has established a user-friendly net banking infrastructure that allows customers to conduct financial transactions with or through the bank from even the most distant locations. Account-holders may use BOI Netbanking to access a range of features, including BOI balance inquiry, mini statement, fund transfer, energy bill payment, and more.

 You will allow Internet Banking for your accounts after opening one with the Bank of India. Normally, the bank would pre-activate Online Banking for you, but if this is not the case, you will register for net banking online without having to visit a branch.

What is BOI Net Banking?

Customers of the Bank of India (BOI) can use the Online Banking app to access a variety of banking services. Once you have net banking, you didn’t have to go to the bank every day. You can send money to any bank account, view your account balance and statement, order a new checkbook, create an ATM pin, handle your debit card, open a savings account, and more. Internet Banking from the Bank of India is a free service that helps you to access and track your account online.

How to register for Bank of India Net Banking Online?


1. To begin, go to the Bank of India’s net banking login form. Visit for more details. Then, pick ‘Retail’ from the sidebar. A business consumer selects the ‘corporate‘ option.

2. Since we presume you’re a new user, press the ‘New User’ button under the virtual keyboard. Soon, you’ll be guided to the latest online user login tab.


3. To open an internet banking account, you’ll need your account number, ATM key, ATM card PIN number, and the mobile phone number you’ve registered with your bank.

4. Fill in the gaps for “Account Number” and “Registered Phone Number” with correct details. Also, complete the captcha and press the ‘continue‘ tab.


  1. The One Time Password will be shown on the following displays (OTP). Click the ‘continue‘ button after typing ‘OTP‘.
  2. After that, enter your bank of India debit cum atm card number, expiration date, and ATM pin, and then press the “continue” button.
  3. After that, agree to the terms and conditions by pressing the “I agree” tab.
  4. Now type a strong password (6-28 characters) twice more and press the ‘continue’ button both times. Your order to “build Internet banking user Id” will appear in a popup window; simply press “ok.
  5. A new tab will appear with the reference number, account number, customer id, name, and login user id.
  6. Now enter your customer id and password to access your Bank of India Net banking account. First, connect a beneficiary and make an online transfer of funds from the Bank of India to another bank.

Login to Bank of India Net Banking for the First Time:

  • First of all, Go to on your browser.


  • Pick and click on the “Personal” selection from the right sidebar of Online Banking, which will take you to a new tab.


  • The Retail Login portion on the left sidebar is the Internet banking login BOI online banking current BOI online banking users.
  • Enter the Login Credentials you created when you first opened your Bank of India (BOI) net banking account.
  • Please enter the captcha code displayed.


  • When you click Submit, you will be taken straight to your Bank of India Online banking homepage, where you can access all of your internet banking services.

How to Reset the BOI net banking password?

  1. Open the BOI online banking website and then press the ‘FORGOT PASSWORD?’ icon on the homepage.
  2. You’ll be prompted to type your BOI internet banking user ID and full account number on the next tab. Fill in the blanks and click Next.
  3. Simply take out your Bank of India debit card and enter the requested details, including the card number, PIN (which you use to withdraw cash from an ATM machine), and expiry date. After that, press the Submit button.
  4. After that, you’ll see four choices. To reset your BOI net banking password, press the ‘New Login Password‘ icon.
  5. After that, you’ll be requested to create a Bank of India login address. Simply use special characters, alphabets, and numbers to construct a password.
  6. That is what there is to it. You have successfully reset your BOI password if you have forgotten it. A progress message will be shown at the top of the list.

What are the benefits of BOI Netbanking?

The below are some of the main features of Bank of India’s Netbanking services:

  • Customers can use Bank of India Net banking to access all of the facilities that they previously had to get by visiting a bank branch.
  • Via an internet banking portal, one may access data relevant to their mobile banking programme and request the activation or deactivation of any specific service.
  • Customers may use Bank of India Net banking to pay a range of bills, including power, telephone, and cell phone bills, among others.
  • Customers who want to apply for a loan or check on the condition of their current loans will use this online service to keep informed about their loans.
  • Customers may use BOI net banking to access the e-filing facility for IT returns.
  • Customers will see a list of all purchases that have been processed by a specific account.
  • Customers who use BOI net banking will transfer money and save a lot of time and money that would otherwise be wasted traveling to the bank to transfer funds.

What is Quick Banking, and how does it work?

The user will use the Fast Banking function to execute NEFT transactions, check balances, and display mini-statements, among other items.

What exactly is a StarToken PIN?

The StarToken PIN is a four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) that account holders must establish and recall in order to enter StarToken for internet banking. When triggering the StarToken for the first time, the account owner can set the PIN.


You can modify the BOI transaction password from your tablet or device when sitting at home. We’ve gone into the basic procedure for resetting BOI transaction passwords in-depth and with a step-by-step tutorial in this guide. If you have any reservations, inquiries, or complaints about this material, please leave a comment below.

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